i think it is really important for me to unplug myself from web/tv culture every once and awhile. i did away with my tv as a new year's resolution, and it has greatly improved my winter. no more hoping that tonight's CSI is going to be even better than the last. now if i could just stop incessantly viewing homestar runner.com. soooo. i finished working on Ice Cream for Diablo, and it went smashingly! people seemed to love it, and a few of the Henson brood even extolled its greatness. so, here's to the future of Oliver's endeavours. now i have a gig filling in for a friend at PuppetWorks, my local Park Slope marionette theater. if anyone has ever wanted to see me dressed as an ogre onstage with a puppet version of puss'n'boots, the time is nigh. non-sequitir: i saw Lord of War recently, and combined with the trailer for Why We Fight, i am convinced we deserve all the destruction that will inevitably rain down upon us. humanity's avarice has become a means to justify our innate propensity for violence. speaking of a propensity for violence, i finished reading The Mole People, a non-fiction investigation into the "homeless" who live beneath New York. what an amazing story! thousands of people inhabit the tracks, tunnels, and caverns that go down at least 8 stories below our city. the author, jennifer toth, was lucky enough to survive her encounters in the tunnels, where life is very cheap. what is amazing is the amount of humanity and caring amidst the violence and drugs. if i had three thumbs, i would put them all up for this book.

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