this keyboard is weird!

s'up fools! i am in copenhagen, and it is freezing! why did i think scandinavia in november would be a good idea? i spent w a whirlwind 4nights, 3 days in stockholm, and it was beautiful. i ate reindeer. i saw a really old viking ship. i iceskated. oh! and i went to a place called the Ice Bar, where EVERYTHING was made out of ice. i would link to it, but all the IE functions are in danish.... i took a really nice train ride (the train was straight out of star trek) to copenhagen, where we had a bit of trouble, then luck, finding a hotel. today i went to christiania, an autonomous collective right in the heart of the city. maybe it was the post-apocalyptic trash barrels on fire, or the grafitti, or the hungry dogs, or pickpockets, or the fact that commerce seemed to center around drug paraphenalia, but whatever it was, it was giving socialism a bad name. here are some of the weird thing s i can write with this keyboard (i hope they come out) ¤, µ, €, §, ½, æ, ø, å, £ anyway. wish you all were here! happy taksgiving!

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