the south shall rise again!

happy halloween! we're shooting through the south now, making incredible time. we've driven from L.A. to LA in 4 days. we stopped in Tucson, where Zack donned a pink jumpsuit for the encore, and then in Austin, a liberal oasis in the middle of Texas. Sam introduced me to Jim Eno, the drummer for Spoon and producer extrordinaire, and we retired to his house/studio ( to geek out on Stevie Wonder, Queen, and Fleetwood Mac. some of those recordings are completely amazing on a really nice speaker system; you end up hearing all sorts of new info. then it was on to a day off in New Orleans. i have only been to N.O. once before, a while ago, so it was hard to compare pre- and post-Katrina, but it definitely gave one a battle-torn impression. we stayed in Lee Circle, where a giant statue of MR. Robert E. resides on a tall pillar: "Since it was built in 1884, the most prominent monument in New Orleans has been a 60 foot (18 m)-tall monument to General Lee. A sixteen and a half foot statue of Lee stands tall upon a towering column of white marble in the middle of Lee Circle. The statue of Lee, which weighs more than 7,000 pounds, faces the North (because he believed that you should never turn your back on your enemy). Lee Circle is situated along New Orleans' famous St. Charles Avenue. The New Orleans streetcars roll past Lee Circle and New Orleans' best Mardi Gras parades go around Lee Circle (the spot is so popular that bleachers are set up annually around the perimeter for Mardi Gras). Around the corner from Lee Circle is New Orleans' Confederate Museum, which contains the second largest collection of Confederate memorabilia in the world." after beignets at Cafe Du Monde, we are now on our merry way towards Birmingham, AL. non-sequitir: "to ruminate" means "to think," right. cud-chewing animals are called ruminators. cogitate that.

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