superbowl XLII

here's my run down of the best superbowl commercials: (this can all be found on 1st Quarter: Bridgestone's "lucky squirrel" ad takes the prize. an abundance of the ads featured animals. 2nd Quarter: Justin Timberlake's Pepsi Ad was incredible, because stars and massive head trauma are always a powerful combo. But "Tide To Go," with its talking stain ad comes in close second. 3rd Quarter: Contains an endearing "Wall-E" ad, which got my $11.50 when it comes out in theaters. But the "E-Trade" commercial shortly thereafter gets the prize in this round. The "talking baby" idea is so tired, but this is pulled off with aplomb. 4th Quarter: Adam Sandler's perplexing new movie, "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," made me giggle. Bill Frist and James Carville doing a Coke commercial was an odd coup. not Will Ferrell's finest, and Victoria has no Secrets in my house. for the 4th Quarter 1st place prize, i say it's the E-Trade talking baby commercial once again.

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