strike strike strike

it's 7:50 am, and the city is a little chaotic this morning. the transit workers union declared a strike at midnight, meaning all subway and bus lines are not running. chapter 1 of "how to cripple a city." i think it is a testament to NYC that we rely so heavily on mass transportation. i have never owned a car in the city, nor do i plan to. sure, subways provide their own set of headaches, but at least i never got a $115 ticket for illegally parking my subway train. thankfully it is not raining, but the temperature is dangerously cold. with wind chill, it is around 17 degrees Fahrenheit. i shudder to think of anyone who might suffer injury or even die as a result of this strike. the MTA has been in court since 4 this morning, trying to invoke the Taylor Law. also known as the Public Employees Fair Employment Act, it was created in 1967 following costly transit strikes. mostly dealing with employees' rights to unionize, it also criminalizes strikes, charging employees twice their daily wage for every day of the strike. law is so weird! while the threat of such monetary loss has been a powerful incentive to avert strikes in the 11th hour, today the Transit Workers Union decided to make good on their threats, ordering everyone off the trains and buses when the clock struck 12. and i must say, i don't have a lot of hope for this being a short strike. mayor bloomberg has already used the words "cowardly" and "reprehensible" in reference to the TWU. it is hard to say "Double-U, U."

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