penn state researchers believe they have found the gene the codes for skin pigmentation by studying zebrafish. they disapprove of the term 'race gene,' citing the fact that the difference is one letter in the entire genome, which is about as insignificant as it gets. race, for too many humans, is not insignificant, unfortunately. which is why i am psyched to watch a tape of 'boondocks' that a friend loaned to me. laughter is dependent on tension, and with all the racial tension in this country, this promises to be one funny show. but i shouldn't jump the gun. tabula rasa. has a link to a discussion of "meta-bigotry," focusing on sarah silverman, the south park kids, and ali g. i think boondocks will probably fall into this category, walking that fine line that, if you're not careful, 'can look suspiciously like actual bigotry.' also check out for a really good rant. and how 'bout bush authorizing the NSA to spy on us, huh? never saw that one coming. well, to look on the bright side of things, the timing of this flagrant violation of civil liberties will perhaps give a little ammo to those who seek to vanquish the renewal of the Patriot Act. god speed, gentleman. the blog is downright discursive.

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