SLC Funk

hello! we had a day off yesterday in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it was pretty awesome! it's a wonderfully creepy town, with pristine streets, a decent homeless population, and a Mormon bent. after laundry was done to satisfaction, i became engrossed in Meerkat Manor for a bit ( then josh, sam, and i walked over to temple square, home of the mormons' most sacred church. it was breathtaking. a reflecting pool in front of the church made for some beautiful pictures at sundown, which i will post as soon as our internet connection is up to speed. i know i've talked about him before, but check out Porter Rockwell, Joseph Smith's "destroying angel": having just finished Guy Delisle's Pyonyang (, i couldn't help but notice a few similarities between SLC and the capital of North Korea. we are now in idaho, on our way to boise, after a sheared engine bolt caused some delays....

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