Run, Updike, Run

Today John Updike died today. There's a lot of books i've always meant to read, but the Rabbit series has always been way up there on the list. I read his story, The Centaur, a long time ago, and it introduced me to the idea that characters can be imbued with more symbolism than a tag name. It introduced me to the Promethean myth, and it included a John Irving-like autobiography that was very, ahem, novel to me. hopefully i can turn Updike's unfortunate demise into the impetus to finally tackle his award-winning series. meanwhile, i am circling in on the end of the The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson, and it has been one of the most enjoyable reads i've ever had! I am most assuredly going to reread the Cryptonomicon right after this; this protracted prequel can only enhance its successor.

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