spam. the final frontier. whenever i neglect long enough, i'm rewarded with a plethora of spam entries on the guestbook page. some of the entries are in totally foreign languages, which are fascinating in their own right. some, however, are genius in their brevity and inanity. here's a small sampling. i wouldn't click on any of these links if i were you! chadorhoorb Estepona hoefront jamesarthurray Added: Aug 12 2008 4:08pm delete pornozatak Отличный сборник ХХХ видео по жанрам. Постоянные обновления порнорликов и фильмов и все это совершенно бесплатно. Хватит рыться в сети в поисках бесплатного порно. Просто заходи и качай! Added: Aug 12 2008 2:23am Fluoleelomi Avarua mtv piano asian strong women lift carry

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