So i am very very very excited to see the latest installment of the James Bond series, "Casino Royale." ( they originally cast Pierce Brosnan, then recanted and instead chose Daniel Craig. aka the first blond bond. i am still a little skeptical about this choice in casting. sean connery really set the mold for tall, dark, and dead sexy. and it sees mr. craig was chosen on the strength of his biggest film, Layercake ( don't get me wrong, Layercake was fantastic, but it seems like a big gamble. but isn't gambling what James Bond does best? well, maybe second best... my friend Geoff tells me of his enjoyment of genres. as in, he can appreciate movies that may have been poorly recieved in the context of their place within the pantheon of films just like it. it is exciting to see what new twists writers/directors can infuse into an essentially formulaic piece. one new twist in casino royale: the use of parkour ( the producers enlisted the talents of M. Sebastien Foucan, who, along with childhood friend David Belle, are credited with creating the discipline known as parkour (or "free-running"). created in france, its practicioners are called "traceurs," and the basic object is total freedom of movement using the surrounding environment. imagine running at an urban landscape and take the most direct route possible. while some of the videos remind of lame skate movies, watch the "casino royale" trailer (, and you will see how hardcore it can be. interesting tidbit: casino royale was made into a movie in 1967 (, starring peter sellers and orson welles (and woody allen!). originally meant to be a straight adaptation, it was decided that the only way the film could rival the sean connery 007 was if it was turned into a parody. reportedly, sellers and welles insufferable divas on the set, to the point where they would not film scenes together. another tidbit: for more parkour in movies, check out David Belle's District B13 (

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