parisian thouroughfare

hello! paris was very exciting! we arrived after a red-eye to find the city on transit strike. a normally half hour cab ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to the hotel took an hour and a half, and was VERY expensive. our show was great, and i had french onion soup and escargot across fromt he moulin rouge. not bad! one thing that i noticed was very cool was Velib, the parisian public bicycle system. maybe it was the strike, but the ubiquity of these strange looking bikes was striking. also striking was what we dubbed the shame shower, or shath. it was a bathtub and handheld shower attachment, with no shower curtain! it's a queer system. you try several positions, but basically you just sit in the tub and try to soap up with one hand. our public bike system may not be up and running, but our shower curtain technology is light years beyond theirs.

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