has anyone been there lately? it sucks now. ahwell, time to move on with online dating. it's definitely an interesting example of technology affecting our social patterns. getting to anonymously shop for mates can be really odd and shallow, but can also reduce the amount of bullshit. unfortunately, one can not get an accurate estimation of a person via the web. i think it is because we instinctually process so much information about a person through physical contact. body language, smell, vocal timbre, et alia, impress upon us much more than we can quantify. hence the natural evolution of speed dating. created in LA in the 90's by a rabbi, speed dating was lo-fi j-date. now it's an international phenomenon. up close and personal, we have no electronic filter, and can more accurately judge our compatability with others. i sound like an expert, don't i? but i don't think i'd ever speed-date. it seems just a little too impersonal for me. but who knows? i've tried a lot of new things recently. i'm just now slipping into freak-out mode about my trip. why, you may ask? because i am a wuss, i may answer. did everyone catch glimpse of the full moon on tuesday? november's full moon is called the Full Beaver Moon. teehee!

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