hello from British Columbia! so far we've been to Vancouver Island, which was a breathtaking ferry ride, and Vancouver proper, which is one of my favorite cities. our 2nd show was at the Commodore Ballroom, and it went amazingly! they had put out chairs on the dance floor, which was odd, but we were still having fun. then about halfway through the show, some brave souls got up in the aisle to dance. security moved in swiftly to shut them down, but in a truly "strength in numbers" moment, everyone rushed the stage, and the night turned into a real rock'n'roll show. it was one of those rare symbiotic moments between performer and audience, where each was feeding the other. thank you, vancouver! today we drove through the coastal mountains (not as big as the rockies, ehich comes later, but still amazing) on our way to kelowna. we are on lake with a canadian version of Nessie:

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