Hello! Last night played on Later...with Jools Holland, an amazing music show that has no parallel in the US (htpp:// it was an amazing experience, and we were on the same show as The Who! they played My Generation, Baba O'Reilly, and The Seeker. Townshend did the windmill, and we all went crackers! but an even bigger celebrity moment occurred the day prior: Mos Def! we were staying at a hipster hotel in London called the K West. cruising through the lobby, i'd seen The Hives, Timbaland, and whole host of other fashion celebs. but this time around, The Mighty Mos was just hanging out at the bar. i don't normally get so giddy, but i have been a huge Mos Def ( fan since i discovered Black Star, which is amazing, but his first solo effort, Black on Both Sides, is a truly spectacular album. even though he thinks the moon landing is a hoax, i still love him.

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