it's done!

so the homepage and pics page both have a picture of my newest creations for the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre: a Carnival Float fit for a king. was a very difficult assignment design-wise, because gaudy is not my forte. garish things tend to offend my eye, so i needed constant prodding from my coworkers to glitz the shitz out of this thing. next is to see if i built it sturdy enough to withstand a year's worth of shows. other news... oh don't forget! Bruce Lee and Ursa Minor rock the house tomorrow night (4/4) at the Bowery Poetry Club. what else, you say?! well. i heard there is going to be a Simpsons movie, which is pretty cool. I know the simpsons suck now, but i will still watch them out of a sense of loyalty and pride. this show literally shaped my personality. so kudos for attempting a movie, even if the format is all wrong. cool site:

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