hullo! we just got done with the irish leg of our tour, and it was amazing! we played one evening in galway at a place called the Roisin Dubh (the Black Rose), and one evening in Dublin at the Tripod. both were amazing, and both were incredibly hot! i'm not sure i've ever sweated that much on a gig! well, maybe one or two with Nakatomi Plaza ( we went to the guiness brewery on our day off, and learned very little about the process of making beer, but learned a whole lot about what it takes to be a master cooper (barrell maker). the have a bar at the top of the brewery that has a 360 degree view of dublin. it's a bit like charlie and the chocolate factory, taking an elevator all the way up to the tallest building in dublin. we're in amsterdam now, and i had an amazing birthday last night with the best bunch of fellas in the world! ps. i had frog's legs!!!!

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