i beg your pardon...

the following is more of a mass transit issue, so i apologize to all you car-owners out there. there is a phenomenon i have always been a part of, but had not realized others indulged in it as well. it is how i get my news in the morning. it is called eavesreading. that's right. peering over at whatever the person next to you is reading. most of the time it's one of our 2 major rags, the Post or the Daily News. sometimes it's a book. rarely is it porn. the owner of said reading material almost always notices, but the social code is pretty laissez-faire. i've gotten pretty good at it. i can read upside down, and i've even started eavesreading in spanish! take a look around next time someone is reading the paper on a subway/train/bus. i bet you'll notice some enrapt passengers.

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