lessee.... a few things. Brook is moving on saturday. very sad. very strange. change is scary. what else? i went to see one of my favorite bands the other night. they are called Jerseyband (, and they rule. they play Lungcore. in the midst of one of there songs (about breast implants), the infamous Matthew Lesko (the dude on late night TV in the riddler outfit who shows you how to get grants) ( dashes onstage and starts shouting "Free Money" and distributing his new DVD. it was surreal. and awesome. what else? hmmm..... oh! i know. so i'm on, and they have a link to a Norwegian "doomsday" grain silo ( called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, where they plan to house 3 million of the world's diverse seeds, as a sort of Noah's Ark of flora. then i'm thinking, "Svalbard. where do i know that from?" well, it turns out that Svalbard is a location in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy (, which i thoroughly enjoyed. There are lots of polar bears ( on Svalbard ( interesting fact: polar bears are so well insulated that only there noses and breath appear on infrared viewing. i am excited by the Seed Vault, as it is an international endeavour. just like FIFA's 2006 World Cup ( if you haven't caught any of the games, you should. these games do more for global awareness than the UN. put aside our american exceptionalism, call soccer its proper name, and watch the along with the world as some incredible athletes compete for world-wide glory.

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