Gone Fishin'

i leave in a few hours.... all these little things that i take for granted will not be readily available in a little while.... speaking of taking things for granted: freedom speech. my uncle jack wrote to me, and i realized that i've never touted the fact that he is big muckymuck at The Freedom Forum, an amazing operation dedicated to free speech and "newsroom diversity." check it out! http://www.freedomforum.org/about/ they have this thing called the Newseum. they are building this incredible multimedia 4-D facility! that's right. time travel. so we can see how similar our time is to 55 years ago, when senator joseph mccarthy reigned supreme. sigh. good news: patrick fitzgerald wants to convene a new grand jury to further his inquiry. $10 says rove gets indicted. update: juan robles-gutierrez, the driver of the bus that exploded on the highway in wilmer, texas, has been cleared by a grand jury of any wrongdoing. he will most likely get deported, but at least he won't go to jail. speaking of the fragile nature of our futures, check out this link: http://blog.joins.com/media/folderlistslide.asp?uid=bdaisy&folder=8&list_id=5105133 (thanks marco!) so anyway, so long! fare well! auf wiedersehen good night!

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