getting it done.

we have an expression 'round here. it's called "gettin' it done." sundays are good for getting it done. laundry, trash, cooking, scheduling, surfing, exercising, billing, scrubbing, thinking, napping, sweeping, reading, practicing, and plenty of other gerunds. i saw a play yesterday. alison took me. it was called "the Lieutenant of Inish More." this is an NYT review: it was freakin' awesome! i've never seen so much stage blood! and i was crushing on the short-haired galway girl for the entire 2 hours. irish accents make me MELT. other news.... i'm learning lots of new 10 cent words by using the dictionary as i read Infinite Jest. some of my favs: concupiscent= lustful bradykinetic= slow, lethargic post-prandial= after dinner/meal what else, you say? i am eagerly awaiting brook's return from the road with Royal Pine (; this place is too big, and cheetah throws up too much. totally random fact: koalas have a marsupial puch that open downward, which suggests it evolved from a burrowing animal. also, the fossil record shows that there were once giant koalas.

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