is the best day. unless i have to work on saturday. which i don't! hmmm. something new. lessee. migraines. migraines suck. blinding pain, nausea, and an inability to do anything about it. and yet i am hesistant to go to a doctor. why? because i don't believe they can help me. does anyone else have trouble putting faith in their doctor? the last time i went to a doctor, to tell him i was having lower back pain, he was writing a prescription for muscle relaxants before i was finished talking. now, i don't have a medical degree, and i don't believe to heavily in alternative medicines, but common sense would dictate that he inform me of some stretches or exercises i could try, or even ask where precisely it hurt. my friend's father, Dr. Kassirer, wrote a great book called "On The Take," about the conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. interesting stuff. check it out if you can. what else? reapplying to grad school, so i've been mired in more paperwork than i'm used to. second time's a charm? in the news: let's hear it for a second cold-war style arms race heating up in the middle east. i am curious as to our nuclear dealings with India. they did not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, so what right does the administration have to deal with them? since they seem to enjoy flouting the law, i guess this is just another example. sigh. i have heard rumors of cheney stepping down after the mid-term elections. anyone wanna place bets?

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