what is up with my fascination with this show? really graphic forensic work, performed by actors on the quirky side of hot, all set to porno music. there are these really dramatic, necrophilic montages of autopsies. i'm wondering how much of our important police work is farmed out to deregulated private firms. and why david caruso is so weird! he punctuates every line with a pejorative pronounciation of the addressee's name. "well, FRANK, let's go ask mrs. withers where she was on tuesday night." and we're supposed to take him seriously with a name like HORATIO? yeah. no. but man do i love a detective story. loveitloveitloveit. i just read "the final solution," a new novel by michael chabon. the whole thing is an homage to sir arthur conan doyle's sherlock holmes, which is cool. i would compare it to a cover song. maybe.... 10,000 maniacs cover of cat stevens' "peace train." definitely created by a studied fan, and an admirable effort to be sure, but not significantly reinterpreted. but what was cool about this book was the occasional penciled illustration, with a quote incorporated into the landscape. obviously influenced by his love of comics, which he made plain in his piece de resistance, "the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay." it must be really nice to have a pulitzer.

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