by pedal motion

whew! what a day of work! i biked from park slope all the way to randall's island (underneath the triboro brodge). 34 miles roundtrip of some dicey urban riding. with some heavy lifting in between. it was awesome. it was more exercise than i've been used to as of late, and i am definitely gonna be sore tomorrow, but it was nice to break up the routine a little. and i must say that i live in the most beautiful city! there are new photos up on the pix page, capturing a few choice sites. i feel divided about the strike. on one hand i wholeheartedly support the TWU's demands regarding pension cuts, and to make their striking illegal takes away the limited leverage they have. but on the other hand, i feel like there are some very powerful people playing pretty petty games with the populace, negatively impacting the wrong people. but what do i know?

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