new term! blurking is when you read someone's blog, but do not post a comment. what's the big deal, people? election day came and went; looks like the democrats gained some footing! now if we can just take the House back in 2006, and start investigating the systemic abuse of power propagated by the elephant. excitement is!!! hmmm. what else? oh! after a whirlwind weekend (congrats to kevin and penny on their marriage!) i have spent the last 2 days planning my impending trip to europe. stockholm, copenhagen, amsterdam, and oxford are in my sights, and i couldn't be more impatient. well, maybe i could be. the flights/trains are booked, the hotels are reserved, the preparation is underway, and the proper authorities have been notified. in denmark, if i put my hands in my pockets, i could be arrested for concealment of a deadly weapon. kiiiiYA! has anyone out there been to these locales before? i'm soliciting any and all advice..... thanks to everyone who came to the 169 bar to see New Electric rock! we had a great time, despite mistreatment at the hands of the employees. their time will come, and the streets will flow with the blood of the unbelievers!!!! kiiiYA?

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