so, it was proposed that instead of the phrase "to wik it up" in lieu of "to look it up," one would simply say "to wik it." as in, "i don't know; how MUCH wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? let's wik it." some drawbacks: you may sound very much like a new englander, when the eventual confusion with the homophonic "wicked" occurs. luckily they are different parts of speech, so hopefully context will clear it up. also, past tense? "i wikd it?" a little strange to our BIG AMERICAN EYES, but better than "i wiked it," or "i wik'd it." pros: streamlined. cut out the preposition "up," which creates dicey conjugation issues. in "The Power of Babel," McWhorter says that most languages are rife with needless appendages. holdovers from root languages. i say trim the fat. this is the 21st century: i want sleek, sexy language, not decorative rococo-style. anyway. "to wik" v. (Mod Eng) 1) to research using 2) to investigate thoughts? side note: the Voice ran an article on it is a splinter site that claims to publish censored wikipedia articles. it seems kind of like a forum for wiki originators to bitch about each other and the behind-the-scenes politics of it all. either way, it's worth a gander.

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