The Curse 

hello! i finally finished my new video for Josh Ritter's song, "The Curse." Marionette Mummies! check it out here: or here: Enjoy!

Anne Frank 

I am currently ensconced in the halls of Yale University, working puppets on a wonderful show about the life of Meyer Levin, a writer who helped The Diary of Anne Frank find publishing in English today, miep gies, the woman who collected and protected Anne's diary, died at 100 yrs. old. come check out the show; it's gonna be…

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Muppetian Rhapsody 

here's and incredible video featuring almost the entire muppet cast:


roger avary, who wrote Pulp Fiction (among others), is serving a year in jail for vehicular manslaughter and DUI. he is tweeting the experience in 140 characters or less. absolutely riveting:


here's a collection of ridiculous science fair projects. my favorite is "electricity vs. cat"


here's a admittedly lame poll from huffington post with an admittedly awesome collection of pictures of bridges, some real, some simply as designs. enjoy!

Duffy and the Crab 

ok. i love this for it's weirdness. it's 80's icon Patrick Duffy doing small shorts with a crab puppet. i'm not kidding.


after surgery, phil collins can apparently no longer feel his fingers, which disqualifies him from drumming. say what you will about his music; phil collins is an awesome drummer. need evidence? here it is:

you've got talent! 

via kottke, here's an amazing performance from a Ukranian woman sand painting a dramatization of Germany's invasion of the Ukraine during WWII. really amazing stuff.


it looks as if the Official Band of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics, a-ha, is packing it in. c'est la vie!