Liam has been active in New York since 1997, when he set out to build a better paradiddle at the prestigious School of Education at NYU. Absorbing his new environment like a sponge, Liam quickly immersed himself in musical situations that ran the gamut from classical to drum'n'bass, soft-shoe to shitkicker. Armed with an inability to say "no," Liam has toured most of the US, Canada, and Europe, with a variety of artists. In 2007, Liam joined forces with songwriter extraordinaire Josh Ritter, and has been touring steadily with him since then. Highlights from this tenure include playing alongside the Boston, Dublin, New York, and Cork Symphonies, as well as several television appearances, including Late Night with David Letterman and Later with Jools Holland. After a protracted dormancy, a forgotten passion crept back into Liam's life: puppets! In 2002, Liam joined Puppets in the Parks, a traveling marionette show that performs over 300 shows a year in NYC schools and parks. Who knew? Liam was also fortunate enough to perform in Erik Sanko's "The Fortune Teller," which met with rave reviews and sold out audiences. It was also a Jeopardy question. Liam kids you not. Look it up. You can presently find Liam trying to synthesize his myriad skills into a cohesive, creative, puppet extravaganza known as "String Theory," touring the world with Mr. Ritter, deciphering the Rubix Cube, and bettering himself on the drums.