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Liam Hurley: Web Log

The Curse - May 28, 2010


i finally finished my new video for Josh Ritter's song, "The Curse." Marionette Mummies!

check it out here:

or here:

Anne Frank - January 11, 2010

I am currently ensconced in the halls of Yale University, working puppets on a wonderful show about the life of Meyer Levin, a writer who helped The Diary of Anne Frank find publishing in English.
today, miep gies, the woman who collected and protected Anne's diary, died at 100 yrs. old.
come check out the show; it's gonna be goooooooooood!

Muppetian Rhapsody - November 25, 2009

here's and incredible video featuring almost the entire muppet cast:

@avary - November 24, 2009

roger avary, who wrote Pulp Fiction (among others), is serving a year in jail for vehicular manslaughter and DUI. he is tweeting the experience in 140 characters or less. absolutely riveting:

posters! - November 15, 2009

here's a collection of ridiculous science fair projects.
my favorite is "electricity vs. cat"

bridges! - November 14, 2009

here's a admittedly lame poll from huffington post with an admittedly awesome collection of pictures of bridges, some real, some simply as designs. enjoy!

Duffy and the Crab - November 8, 2009

su-su-sudi-oh-no - October 21, 2009

after surgery, phil collins can apparently no longer feel his fingers, which disqualifies him from drumming.
say what you will about his music; phil collins is an awesome drummer.

need evidence? here it is:

you've got talent! - October 20, 2009

via kottke, here's an amazing performance from a Ukranian woman sand painting a dramatization of Germany's invasion of the Ukraine during WWII.
really amazing stuff.

uh-huh. - October 15, 2009

it looks as if the Official Band of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics, a-ha, is packing it in. c'est la vie!

Mr. Kite - October 14, 2009

I just watched julie tamoor's Across The Unvierse last night and loved about 60% of it.

by the grace of youtube, here is the best part, with Mr. Eddie Izzard playing Mr. Kite in a psychedelic reinterpretation of the song:

hell yeah, buzz! - October 12, 2009

here's an op ed piece from buzz aldrin, the 2nd man to stand on the only other celestial body mankind has ever set foot.
here's video of mr. buzz aldrin punching out a lunar-landing denialist:

Red Book - October 5, 2009

here is a fascinating NY Times magazine article about the forthcoming publication of Carl Jung's Red Book, a collection of his innermost dreams written in beautiful script and highly detailed drawings:
I'm chipping away at Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth, whose work seems to dovetail nicely with Jung's idea of a collective unconscious.

i definitely plan on visiting the Red Book when it's on tour at the Rubin Museum!

Chrome - July 8, 2009

here's a news story about Google launching Chrome, an OS designed to challenge Windows' dominance. Chrome was designed more for netbooks, or mini laptops, and uses an open source protocol, allowing users to design there own OS, and not rely on the Windows package deal.

Go google! don't be evil, though.

swatting? - July 5, 2009

this a story from about a 19 yr old blind hacker who operates entirely by phone, using his extensive knowledge of the phone system and his exceptional memory to wreak havoc.

in a world of cyberterrorism threats, it's nice to know you can still get by with a dial tone....

MJ & CF - June 28, 2009

so, in a world filled with tributes to Michael Jackson at the moment, i thought i would add this one, oft-overlooked homage. This is a video of Corey Feldman on Evening at the Improv, performing (lipsynching and dancing) to a song he wrote for Dream a Little Dream (

here's the vid:
notice any influences?


banksy goes legit - June 12, 2009

the bristol museum of art in banksy's hometown has created an entire exhibit of his work, but kept it secret from the city council that was accustomed to prosecuting him.

from the video, it looks like a great exhibit, with plenty of the standard ironic stencils, but with a mixture of sculptured versions of his unique work. check it!

federer! - June 7, 2009

roger federer finally won the French Open, which is great to watch the top dog become the under dog, then the top dog again.

apparently, it was quite the uphill battle, with terrible weather conditions, and an instance of a man running on to the clay to demonstrate his swiss pride:

Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - June 4, 2009

Bill's Dead!

no official cause yet, but what a tragedy...

L. Wiki Hubbard - May 30, 2009

here's an article discussing wikipedia's decision to block Scientologist servers and members from editing articles related to scientology. this seems a little strange to me, as one of the reasons given for the ban is: 3.0) This longstanding dispute is a struggle between two rival factions: admirers of Scientology and critics of Scientology.

so why are only scientologists blocked? why not lock the article so no one can edit it?

i can't believe i'm defending scientology. this must be how the ACLU feels....

google earth - May 29, 2009

just checked out and downloaded the new google earth, and wow, it rules. this may not be news to anyone else, but it's been a minute since i used it.

justin townes earle - May 28, 2009

so here i am in sunny richmond, VA, about to play at the lovely Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and who should be playing as well but Justin Townes Earle! you can check out some of his music here:
then it's off to rock the cat's cradle in carrboro, NC with the Proclivities!!!

Roger Wilco - May 23, 2009

here's a cool feature of Wilco's official website.
it's a picture of their loft studio that is zoomable, panable, and freakin' sweetable!

and in more wilco awesomeness, here is a video of glenn kotche playing a solo piece for prepared drumset. i'm still scratching my head in wonderment:

Neil Cleary - May 18, 2009


just got back from an exciting romp in my hometown, and checked my inbox to find a link to the Contrarian, a sweet site dedicated to all things awesome.

and what better way to get to all things awesome then by inviting Neil Cleary to dish? check out his profile and posts:
and be prepared to learn a little something... about yourselves.....

elmo wants this tape! - May 11, 2009

this is great:

ricky gervais and elmo trying to do a charity announcement. the outtakes are riotous, and the whole experience was cool enough that they have agreed to work together on a future project!
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